eSportStars Releases Tournament Hosting Feature

(Japanese follows English.)


Dec 17th 2020

eSportStars, a platform that allows eSports players and fans to compete against each other, has released a function users can host tournaments.

Previously, only the administrators could host tournaments, but now users are able to host their own tournaments.

At the moment, it is only linked to Discord to manage tournaments. However, various apps will be linked to this feature in the future.

We hope that the tournament feature will increase the opportunities for users to enjoy gaming on eSportStars.

How to host a tournament

At the same time, VALORANT, Counter-Strike, and League of Legends games were added to the existing six games (PUBG MOBILE, FORTNITE, KNIVES OUT, and CALL of DUTY).

More games will be added in the future.

Newly added games







株式会社タイムチケット(本社:東京都港区)の100%スイス子会社TimeTicket GmbH(本社:スイスツーク州、 代表取締役:各務正人)は、 eスポーツ選手とファンがゲーム対戦できるプラットフォーム『eSportStars』で、トーナメント開催機能をリリースしました。


また本リリースと同時に、これまでの6ゲーム(PUBG MOBILE、FORTNITE、 荒野行動、CALL of DUTY)に加え、VALORANT、Counter-Strike、League of Legendsの3ゲームを追加しました。