Earn $4.5 Million worth of TimeCoin(TMCN) in the special token sale

Apr 30th 2021

TimeTicket GmbH, a wholly-owned Swiss subsidiary of TimeTicket Inc., has revealed the new idea for TimeCoinProtocol.


TimeCoinProtocol & TimeCoin(TMCN), the best DeFi and NFT project with esports, VTuber, sharing economy, and gig economy.


TimeCoinProtocol is a blockchain project operated by TimeTicket GmbH, a company based in Switzerland and fully owned by TimeTicket Inc. Japan. The project issued its crypto currency called TimeCoin(TMCN) which is traded at more than 250 USD per TMCN on several exchanges such as BitForex, BitMart, and BiKi.

The TimeCoinProtocol is the sharing economy protocol which aims to replace the centralized sharing economy systems, such as YouTube and Twitch video streaming systems.
The project operates several applications including TimeTicket, a skill sharing economy service with more than 500,000 users and generates more than several million dollars in annual revenue and is growing its business at a rapid pace. It also operates eSportStars, the esports gamer matching service which can add more than 4,000 games and 30 languages. eSportStars plans to add a lot of attractive features like DeFi and NFT this year.

The project was initially financed by a few investors who invested around $4 million, and only a very limited number of tokens were placed on the market. The Special Token Sale of TimeCoin (TMCN) was launched on February 15th, 2021, with a 90% discount on the token’s current market value and offers a total of 4.5 Million USD worth of bonus tokens to investors.

The Special Token Sale serves specifically to raise funds for the development and enhancement of the project, and in particular for eSportStars which requires further development, as well as the implementation of DeFi and NFT functionalities in the TimeCoinProtocol and other dApps, and new funds to support development and marketing costs. The project has started a VTuber business and our VTubers are active, particularly Shirahari Uni, and more VTubers will be ready soon. The project is also planning to create an NFT marketplace where our VTubers and other creators in the world can trade NFT items.

We can offer an innovative DeFi system which is called Creator Sponsor Staking (CSS) along with our NFT marketplace. Fans can increase their TimeCoin holding by 12% after 6 months of staking and 24% after 12 months of staking. The increased portion will be split 50/50 between the fans and the creators. In return for sponsoring, creators will provide memberships with exclusive services, NFT digital items, services and discount coupons.

TimeTicket GmbH CEO, Masato Kakamu, explained in a recent AMA: “We want to create a place where professional players, creators, and fans can easily earn money which also helps them to better engage with their fans. To extend the eSportStars service, we want to offer esports gambling as well. We offer eSports mining for eSportStars participants to earn TimeCoin. The more TimeCoin participants own, the better service they can get.”


TimeCoin is planning to create an NFT marketplace where VTubers and other creators can trade NFT items.




For this reason, the decision has been made to launch two special, off-market token sales in order to enable the implementation of DeFi and NFT functionalities in our dApps and NFT marketplace, so that fans can support creators such as eSports players, streamers, VTubers, etc. This will allow both creators and fans to receive additional tokens, as well as in-game items, art and anime characters traded using NFTs. Investors of TMCN can earn additional income by supporting creators as well.

Out of a total of 100,000,000 existing TMCN tokens, 10,000,000 tokens will be sold during the special token sales with more than 90% discount on the current market value and special bonus tokens.

The total amount expected to be raised is approximately $20 million.

It will be possible to purchase in BTC, USDT or ETH via the page, where it is also possible to consult the table of the token release periods.
To purchase TMCN, an investor is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED to prepare a private wallet like MetaMask. (An investor is NOT recommended to purchase TMCN using a crypto exchange account.)


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