Cointelegraph has published an article on Timecoin Protocol’s new plan.

Mar 17th 2021


An article on the TimeCoinProtocol and eSportStars, a project of TimeTicket GmbH, the Swiss subsidiary of TimeTicket Inc., has been published in Cointelegraph.


Big plans for DeFi and NFTs as esports DApp goes global

A DApp that offers a cutting-edge esports experience is planning to roll out DeFi and NFT functionality as it continues to attract users.

A decentralized sharing economy protocol that’s home to a vibrant eports platform has announced that it is planning to roll out DeFi and NFT functionality.

The flagship DApp on TimeCoinProtocol is eSportStars — a platform that unites professional players with fans. A plethora of top games are supported… including Fortnite, Call of Duty Mobile, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive….

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