TimeTicket GmbH launches a talent management agency business for esports players, creators and VTubers

Nov 30th 2020


TimeTicket GmbH will launch a talent management agency business for its platform eSportStars to help boost the global esports industry.  eSportStars is a platform where esports players and fans can compete against each other. TimeTicket GmbH (headquartered in Zug, Switzerland, CEO: Masato Kakamu) is a wholly-owned Swiss subsidiary of TimeTicket Inc. (headquartered in Minato-ku, Tokyo).

On eSportStars, players and fans around the world can compete against each other as well as selling game-related goods and services.

Since the first release in October 2020, eSportStars has held tournaments in Japan, India and South America for many popular games including PUBG Mobile, Fortnite, Knives Out, Free Fire and Call of Duty, as well as streaming tournament videos.

The number of subscribers for eSportStars Youtube channel in Japanese has exceeded 100k.  eSportStars Youtube channels for India (in Hindi) and South America (in Portuguese) have also been set up. eSportStars is planning to continue creating channels that support major languages around the world and to stream lots of esports-related videos.

eSportStars Main Channel (Japanese)

eSportStars Tournament Channel (Japanese)

eSportStars Brazil

eSportStars India


In the meantime, eSportStars has decided to set up three divisions, the esports team division, the creator division and the VTuber division, and to recruit talent and players for each division.

It has already signed a contract with Mr Sawamaru, a popular video streamer who has been focusing his time and effort around Knives Out. eSportStars is planning to collaborate with her to design and produce esports-related streaming videos.

Sawamaru’s twitter


eSportStars is also planning to establish professional esports teams for multiple game titles. Regarding the operation of the esports teams, it is considering collaborating with Globalway Inc. taking advantage of the resulting synergies from their media business.

We are currently hiring creators and VTubers as well as the VTuber production and the video editing staff on the following Twitter account.  If you are interested, please send us a DM.

eSportStars Twitter